Xteq TrueRandom

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Xteq TrueRandom is a small program that generates truly random and therefore very secure password, pass phrases or network keys (e.g. for WPA/WEP).

You can choose which parts your password should consist of (number, small, capital letters and special characters) and also the length of it. Xteq TrueRandom then generates a truly random password for you.

With a single button click you can copy the generated password to your clipboard.

Xteq TrueRandom is great to generate any form of passwords/pass phrases when you want to make sure the password should be unpredictable.

The Windows Crypt API has a very good random number generator build in that Xteq TrueRandom uses.

For more information about the random number generator Xteq TrueRandom uses see:

Download Xteq TrueRandom